Home tips October 10, 2022

Tips for a hassle-free relocation

Moving to a new state (Florida) or a new country (USA) can be a lot of work and some stress if you don’t get prepared. With relocation, timing is everything. Here are some good tips for a well prepared and hassle-free relocation.

The time for moving

If possible, postpone your relocation until summer or winter time. If you have children, this will help in their transition because the moving will fall at the ends/beginnings of new school semesters rather than the middles. It will give you more real estate opportunities as more properties are on the market at those times of the year.

Choose the best school for your kids

If you have children, anticipating the question of their schooling is wise advice for a successful expatriation. The choice of schooling must be prepared well before moving abroad because it is not always possible to obtain a place in the establishment of one’s choice. Greatschools gives you ratings and comparison of the local schools of your new area.

Choose a trusted Realtor

Secure a licensed Florida Realtor that you trust is one of the tips for a hassle-free relocation. He will do the legwork of finding homes that meet your requirements have them put together a schedule of open houses within a small timeframe. Living in Florida is much different than the rest of the country. Understanding home features relating to hurricane protection, energy efficiency and the Florida climate are important to be informed about prior to making a choice, whether it is to buy or to rent.

Learn how to get around

Have a look at typical commute, public transportations options, main highways and traffic to get to know your new neighborhood and calculate the time to go to work. Check on Walkscore for biking and walking options.

Check if your employer provides with relocation assistance

If you are moving for professional reasons, check with your company. Many of them offer reimbursement on moving company costs, storage costs temporary housing, pre-move visits, etc…

Secure temporary housing

One of the fundamental steps of a successful expatriation is to find accommodation before arriving in a new state to have a fixed address.This may initially be a temporary residence. It is indeed important to arrive on site with an address to communicate.

Choose the moving company

Knowing early in the process how much money you’ll need to budget to cover moving costs is important. Are their prices competitive? On another hand, Be wary of extremely low-price quotes. Beyond the star ratings for a moving company, have a look at a handful of the written customer reviews. Read both good and bad reviews for each company. Check the BBB website for how complaints have been resolved with the company. Finally, choose a company that knows the place you want to move in. A company with local knowledge will provide an accurate price quote and understand what it takes to move about in crowded areas like Miami for ex.